Online studio services

Picture showing producer mix and mastering professional servicePhoto by Tima Miroshnichenko

Atomic Concept can mix your tracks online

and help you to prepare them properly.

We will find a way to improve your sound. We specialize in mixing and mastering pre-submitted multitracks.

If you recorded your music at home using the home-recording methods. Or recorded tracks in the studio. Anyways – you are in the right place. We can provide an advice for you in how to best prepare yours multi-tracks for mailing to our studio. After reviewing the material – we will be able to price the services – mixing and mastering separately.

We can add to your music something more if you want to – we making soundtracks also.

Let us know your vision to sound good

we need to receive on the same waves.

When recording your music, you certainly set a specific goal. Share it with us so that together we can strive for the same. Prepare links to the songs you were inspired by. Mark the tracks that you appreciate for: the sound of the drums, an interesting effect on the vocals, or the general perception of the whole. We will listen to everything and bring it down to a common denominator – producing a track or an entire album for you.

You always receive the material we prepare as a fully modular package, so that you can rework the accompaniment yourself as needed.

Check out our specialization. Kick, snare and bass

we are the best at this.

Most often we work on music from the genres of metal, hip-hop, strong electronic music, drum and bass and it works out best for us. We always try to find the power and majesty of sound, so that the recordings sound strong and wide.

We are willing to try something new – it is always worth writing to us and presenting your project anyway.

We use high-tech

do not waste time on experiments that go nowhere.

Our listening system consists of equipment from ADAM AUDIO. ARTURIA and KLARK TEKNIK are responsible for the signal path. The signal is processed with balanced cables so that we can forget about noise and interference. We also support ourselves with listening equipment from BEYERDYNAMIC. The whole process is carried out in a professional Digital Audio Workstation.

Do you want to talk?

Use the link below to ask for a details. We will respond to you as soon as possible.