Music to a buy or an order

Picture showing making music by drumming or beats composingPhoto by ASBA DRUMS

Order a backing track

for your videos, commercials and trailers.

We will compose music and sound design for your materials. Specify your vision to us and we will do the rest. We have the ability to use samplers and high quality processors. We also have instruments such as electric guitar, bass guitar, drum set.

Our each idea always sounds top, because we have a knowledge about mix and mastering – for any sound sources.

Singing? Do you rap? You are a creative performer

and you need a producer.

You've certainly happened to sift through huge packages of beats and backing tracks. We know it. It's hard to hit a backing track that will suit us one 100 percent. That's what music is all about – to perfectly realize your vision – without using half-measures.

We will create a primer for you in the climate you feel best in. You will also be assured that the primer will be special and unique. No one else will record to it.

Lease an AC original music

which we are working on.

You also have the option to purchase a lease license and use the already finished primer, which comes out more favorably priced. We create music that is equally suitable for your vocals and soundtrack for video productions. Check out our services and achieve your goal without obstacles – technology is on our side.

Do you want to talk?

Use the link below to ask for a details. We will respond to you as soon as possible.