Software architecture

Picture showing software achitecture conceptPhoto by Ashraful Islam on Unsplash

High performance

so your customers don't have to wait.

Discover Event Sourcing. At AC , we use the high-speed UDP protocol available to your customers at performance-critical areas, which has long been used by all multiplayer games, chat rooms and GPS navigation. Our applications are lightning fast, because we know the importance of a lightning-fast responsive interface – the domain of the top players in the software market.

Easy and understandable project maintenance

if you want to outsource the code to another development team in the future.

The structure of the files and directories of the source code will remain clear and documented in an appropriate place. This will give your team full visibility and freedom, to make improvements and modifications with ease.

High scalability through modularization

in case of rapid growth of your business.

Learn the advantages of the DDD model and CQRS in practice. An application written according to AC guidelines has a modular structure with clearly defined input and output models – so you can, if necessary, separate the most loaded functionality of your application through more servers.
Modular frontend give to you great Google Page Speed Web Vitals scores.
Modular backend give to you great speed across the world with individual deploy strategy like a stacking blocks.

In addition, most components can be reused multiple times, even in other projects.

Time is always flowing

let's not forget that.

When designing complex networks of systems – we do not mindlessly push data. Everything that can happen in your application is an event – one single thing in given time. Each event happens at a specific point in time. Software created in this convention allows you to do more – easily travel back in time when dealing with a claim, for example.

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